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St. Joseph the Worker Carved Wood Statue

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Carved full round in seasoned maple (linden wood for statues larger than 22 inches), St. Joseph the Worker statue is made by Pema of Italy. Depending on finish and size selected, delivery may take up to four weeks. Holy Images is a Pema authorized dealer.

Though we know very little about St. Joseph through scripture, that he masterfully filled his duty as foster father of the Incarnation and spouse of the Blessed Virgin is more than sufficient to accept that he had an  exemplary character worthy of our veneration and awe. Joseph is the patron saint of many causes, occupations, and nations and his Feast day is March 19th. It is his title Patron Saint of Workers however that all Catholics should be particularly supportive of. The feast of St. Joseph the Worker was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955 to acknowledge the value and dignity of labor and give all working people both a model and protector.  And while this is true, it is significant that the Feast is May 1st or Labor Day.

The history of Labor Day, or International Workers Day, began in 1886 to commemorate the Haymarket Rebellion in Chicago. It was soon “adopted” by organized labor movements throughout the world, often justly honoring labor. It was the Soviet Union and countries under Communist rule however that latched onto the idea of a May Day celebration as propaganda tool to demonstrate to the world how happy their glorious workforce supposedly was. Mandated in every town and city, workers would march with political banners and in capitals a military display was standard fair. The Communist’s “honoring” of labor and the worker juxtaposed against the work of free men and women makes Pius XII’s date selection for the feast of St. Joseph the Worker a powerful witness to the Truth. Regretabbly, socialism is alive and well. Consumerism and Materialism drives free market and state planned economies. St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us.

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